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Most viewed - September 2008
Stephen in a park37 viewsAt last the sun came out a bit in London so we sat and reflected on the day before going home (and Judy got told off by a park keeper for drinking wine in the park - whoops)
Stephen and new umbrella34 viewsHe looks rather relaxed considering he has a rather heavy vulture on his hand
Leigh and Bailey33 viewsThis was during the display. Bailey is a hand reared Eagle Owl. They have to hand rear them as Owls are so thick they can't train them if they are raised by their parents. Apparently the tufty 'ears' (on the Owl, not Leigh) is to attract the ladies.
Judy at Covent Garden32 viewsThis time sporting a cardi from Debenhams . Should have found a spot without a trailer in the background though.
An ordinary street in Brussels32 viewsThis is what most of Brussels looks like. You might also note that the M&S cardi is now being worn in another way - they are just so versatile.
Brock giving Judy a dirty look31 views
The vegetarian and the hawk31 viewsA strange yet successful pairing. The only kill of the day (including the professional Falconers) was attributed to these two - although I take no credit.
Leeds Castle31 viewsWhere we shall live one day - well in our dreams
Judy and Maggie30 viewsFirst rule of female posing in a photo - stand next to someone uglier than you
The Owl with no name30 viewsThis was the first day out for him. He was also for sale and very nearly came home with us -but wasn't sure about re-enactments of the Owl and the Pussycat on the pond.
Soggy Horse Guards30 viewsYou might notice one in the front didn't bother with the eyes right to Buckingham Palace
Judy and Ozzie29 viewsOz trying to blend into the background
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