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Last additions - Lyke Wake Walk
The triumphant band at Ravenscar. 7:27pm64 viewsSixteen and a half hours after the start, we all finish.

Strange how we started with a black background and finish with a white one (due to the fog).
Jun 26, 2005
Stephen and Judy at the finish. 7:27pm57 viewsJust made out in the gloom and the fog.Jun 26, 2005
Looking across Jugger Howe Beck. 6:21pm36 viewsFoggy weather rolling in.Jun 26, 2005
After climbing up Jugger Howe. 6:22pm47 viewsStephen looks surprisingly fresh.

Severe pain inside well hidden!
Jun 26, 2005
Looking across Wheeldale Beck. 2:53pm41 viewsRichard and Fiona "blend in" to the green vegetation.Jun 26, 2005
Wheeldale Beck. 2.53pm35 viewsLots of bracken.

And no, that stone isn't a hippo.
Jun 26, 2005
Wheeldale Road. 2:36pm42 viewsA change of footware after the rain.

Plus more food for everyone.
Jun 26, 2005
Judy at Shunner Howe. 12:08pm41 viewsLots of stones.

Richard and Fiona "blend in" to the background
Jun 26, 2005
Farndale Moor. 11:12am41 viewsLots of water and bog cotton.Jun 26, 2005
Stephen and Judy prepared for the trek across Rosedale Moor. 11:04am56 viewsThose clothes look rather white for a trudge through a wet peat bog.Jun 26, 2005
An invitation to dance? 11:03am48 viewsNo dancing involved, just Richard and Fiona preparing for the boggy bit.

Nice socks...
Jun 26, 2005
White Cross. 10:29am40 viewsIt's a cross and it's white. What more do you want?Jun 26, 2005
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