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Last additions - Kiyo and Saphira
Kiyo August 2011118 viewsLooking rather guilty having been caught spying on the Marina Aug 19, 2011
Saphie August 2011 99 viewsDemonstrating her 'catalogue' model poseAug 19, 2011
snooze time 94 viewsAblutions complete time for a snooze. Aug 16, 2011
Wash before snooze time - August 201142 viewsKiyo cleaning her daughter's ears. Aug 16, 2011
Mr Tortosi on his holiday 40 viewsHere is the tortoise also known as Tonto, Timid and The Rock - obviously a shady character on the run. He is also very good at escaping from his cage - but not so good at manoeuvring round the bench. Loves feet and tomatoes. Kiyo and Saphie haven't met him face to face (shell) yet. Aug 14, 2011
Lucy's first day 52 viewsKiyo and Saphie now have a 'step-sister'. Lucy settled in really well and within minutes of arriving was happily eating dandelions and hopping about in her run. Apr 17, 2011
Lucy - April 1144 viewsApr 17, 2011
Catching the rays - Nov 201026 viewsJan 25, 2011
Christmas 2010 - Kiyo takes her place for lunch25 viewsJan 25, 2011
Happy Birthday Saphie 25 viewsNow 3 - with even less sense that when she arrived. Oct 31, 2010
Saphie attacks birthday mouse 22 viewsThis is the third mouse we have got from Morrisons - the Original was Morrison Mouse, followed by Mr Morrison so this is now Lady Morrison - next year we may have to buy from a different shop. Oct 31, 2010
cats around the world - Sept 1023 viewsSep 09, 2010
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