A nice collection of pictures

The Start. 2:58am73 viewsReady to begin the walk.

Note that the moth caught in the picture didn't come all the way with us.
Dramatic sky. 4:27am54 viewsWhat is the saying about a red sky in the morning?

Nice contrasts due to the camera flash.
Richard ponders the view. 4:49am46 viewsLooking out towards Teesside in the early morning gloom.
Taking breakfast. 6:31am44 viewsA welcome stop for Weetabix, museli, water and coffee.
Ready to start again. 6:44am48 viewsFull of breakfast and woken up by the coffee, we were ready for the next big hill.
Looking down from Carr Ridge. 7:07am42 viewsThe last hill of the five that welcome you to the start of the walk.
On Carr Ridge. 7:25am38 viewsLooking back to the hills conquered.

Looking forward to six miles of flat disused railway.
Heading to Round Hill. 7:25am44 viewsFiona does her Morcombe and Wise impression.

Richard has no head.

Next to the Special K stone.
On the railway track. 8:01am47 viewsJudy looks for a shortcut while wondering if the boots go with the outfit (they don't)!

Richard and Fiona disappear over the hill.

Looking like missionaries? 8:29am44 viewsNo position jokes here...
Posing on the railway line. 8:30am51 viewsNote Fiona's knee brace.

And Richard's silly shorts.

And shirt...
Second breakfast outside the Lion Inn. 9:49am59 viewsEveryone stuffing their faces and drinking coffee.

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